Atkins Diet Success Stories

Atkins diet success stories are easy to find, and it’s easy to understand why. The program is a great way to lose weight and keep it off, so there are literally millions of Atkins success stories to be told.

Keys to Success

There are some common themes that run through just about any Atkins diet success story:

  • It’s a lifestyle, not a diet
  • Stick with it
  • Use the buddy system

Let’s take a look at each of these keys and how they can help you write your own success story.

The Low-Carb Lifestyle

In some ways, I think the Atkins diet plan is the wrong name. Long term success with Atkins comes when you approach it as a lifestyle, not as a temporary diet.

Thinking about Atkins as a diet simply puts you on the same old diet roller coaster that you have probably been on before. I know I was on it for a long time before I changed to a low carb lifestyle and experienced my own Atkins diet results.

Stick With It

Atkins Diet Success Stories

The success rate of the Atkins diet is high when you stick with it. In most cases that’s pretty easy to do because the foods you’re allowed are tasty, satisfying and don’t leave you feeling starved. (Read Linda's success story for some inspiration).

The best way to successfully stick with it is to plan a weekly menu in advance so that you don’t find yourself coming home at the end of the day and wondering what to have for dinner that night.

Use the Buddy System

Just like exercise or any other lifestyle change, it’s easier to make the change and turn it into a habit when you have a friend to help you along the way. This means you have someone to turn to if you are stuck or frustrated, and someone who will not tempt you with foods that are not on the allowed list.

Atkins Before and After: A New Way of Living

Helpful Resources

Helpful resources are the key to your success I have found a couple of excellent resources to help create even more Atkins diet success stories.

Customized Meal Plans

The first is, where you can get a free personalized profile to start you on the Atkins diet plan. When you become a member, you also get customized meal plans each week that follow the Atkins diet rules and offer a variety of flavors to keep you satisfied. You’ll even get a printable shopping list to take along to the store.

Atkins Diet Recipes &Under 30 Minutes

Want to lose weight fast? If you have a Kindle wireless reading device you can have Atkins Diet Recipes Under 30 Minutes delivered wirelessly within a minute of placing your order. You can buy most of the ingredients in your supermarket or health food store; if you cannot find a particular item, use the handy carb counter to exchange ingredients.

The second resource is an amazing cookbook set filled with recipes for cooking beef, one of the mainstays of a low carb lifestyle, along with 1,000 delicious low carb recipes ideal for the Atkins Diet Plan.

1000 Atkins Recipes

You, too, can change your lifestyle and become an Atkins diet success story.


My third favorite resource is the Atkins Diet Bulletin Board where you can read hundreds of Atkins diet success stories and testimonials, post your own comments and get answers to all your questions regarding low carb diets from people you can easily relate to. I might run my own forum on this site in the future, so bookmark this site and check back often.

Want to find out more about Atkins? Check my resources for medical reviews and forums, then come back here and read these celebrities Atkins diet success stories for more inspiration.

What to Do if You are Not Losing Weight on the Atkins Diet

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