The Link Between the Atkins Diet and Celebrity Slenderness

The Atkins Diet and celebrity thinness has been linked numerous times in recent years. In fact, many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gerri Halliwell are vocal proponents of the plan, saying that it is how they stay looking so slim and fit.

The Atkins Diet and Celebrity Weight Loss

Others who have successfully lost extra weight on the Atkins Diet include Al Gore, Bill Clinton and Alexandra VonFursenberg. While no one should go on any diet simply because someone famous has used it, it’s significant that the celebrities on the Atkins Diet I’ve mentioned here are all healthy and happy, and have kept their weight off for a significant length of time. None of them have developed health problems or look underweight, either.

Other Atkins Diet Celebrity Success Stories

Atkins Diet and Celebrity Jennifer Aniston (Foto: AP/SCANPIX))

In fact, celebrities like Jennifer Aniston are the definition of looking healthy, toned and fit. After all, you can hardly work as hard as she does in television and films without plenty of energy! She combines her low carb program with exercise and plenty of water, and continues with the Maintenance Phase today – one look will tell you the Atkins diet has been a success story for this celebrity.

Actress Elizabeth Roehm (Law and Order) was quoted in USAToday as saying, "I'll never be the thinnest girl in the room, but I want to do a lot of things in life, and more protein makes me more energetic."

The Atkins Diet and Diabetic Celebrities

Other celebrities who have lost thirty pounds or more with the Atkins Diet include Dennis Franz and Stevie Nicks. Even Halle Barrie, a Type 1 diabetic, has used low carb dieting to keep that gorgeous figure of hers. It’s a testament to the versatility of the Atkins Diet plan that this celebrity can safely use Dr. Atkins’ program while keeping her diabetes under control. In fact, when Dr. Atkins first designed his weight loss program back in the early 1970’s, he had predicted that (with proper medical supervision) the program would help diabetics lose weight and get their insulin levels under better control.

Of course, if you have a personal chef or trainer who works with you, it can be easy to use the Dr. Atkins Diet Plan – after all, meals are custom-tailored around what you like. But most of the celebrities who have acknowledged using the Atkins Diet or other low carb regimens agree that with Atkins, even eating out at fancy restaurants is pretty easy.

It's an Inspiration

Celebrities can use any kind of weight loss plan they want – after all, they have the money and resources to try just about any of them, and personal trainers or assistants can keep them on track. But a surprising number of them rely on the Atkins diet menu plan to lose weight and keep it off. The reasons are probably the same as they are for the rest of us – it’s a satisfying, enjoyable plan that combines great taste and nutrition with easily seeable results. So the next time you admire a celebrity who looks slender, healthy and full of energy, ask yourself if they could have used the Atkins Diet to help them. You might be surprised at just how many famous people have tried the same Atkins program you’re on – isn’t that inspiring?

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