Atkins Diet Testimonials Support Its Success

Genuine Atkins Diet testimonials are probably the greatest advertisements for the program there are. That’s why I’ve put together some quotes from people who have actually tried the Atkins Diet plan and been happy with their results. There are plenty of studies and research reports out there, but nothing gives you a sense of what this low carb diet is about better than these Atkins diet testimonials and success stories of people who have actually used it.

I’m Kevin, and I’ve lost weight and kept it off for quite a while now, but my story is mentioned in some other articles. I want to introduce you to some other people who have improved their lives and their health with the Atkins Program.

Rachel’s Atkins Diet Testimonial

Atkins Diet Testimonials

Rachel was a Type 2 diabetic who was about 70 pounds overweight when she started the program a year ago:

“I tried the Atkins Diet after a friend lost weight with it. I had asked my doctor about it, and he supported me 100%, because he said my weight was making my diabetes much worse, and he was worried about my heart.

The Induction Phase was a big adjustment because I loved Krispy Kreme donuts, cakes and all kinds of sweets. But I realized after about a week on the diet that I wasn’t really craving them anymore! Instead, I reached for some hard cheese or raw vegetables at snack time and felt really satisfied.

The best part for me was when I realized I could fit into clothes I hadn’t worn in years – and I looked great! But my doctor is happiest about my blood sugar, which has stabilized so much that I don’t have to take medication any longer for my diabetes. In fact, he told me that if I stay on the Maintenance Program from now on, I may never need medication again! I’m healthier, better looking and happier. I love the Atkins Diet!”

Pretty good testimonial, huh? What the Atkins Diet did for Rachel it can do for you, too. I also talked with a man who tried the Atkins Diet after his wife talked him into it. Here’s what Ted had to say:

Ted’s Atkins Diet Testimonial

“I’m not a diet person, and my wife knows that. So when she asked me to try Atkins, I was pretty skeptical. Who wants to eat diet foods all the time, right? But when I read the book, I was shocked – meats, cheeses, eggs? That’s not a diet – that’s guy heaven! So I gave it a shot.

It was awesome to lose eight pounds in only two weeks, and then lost two to three pounds a week after that. It got me psyched – I started to walk every day, then running. Now I run two miles every morning because I have so much energy and feel so good at my new weight.

I just had a check-up, too, and I was surprised to hear that my bad cholesterol had dropped by almost 15 points. Not bad for someone who wasn’t even working on their cholesterol, huh?

Would I recommend the Atkins Diet? Absolutely! And it doesn’t hurt that my wife loves my new look, either.”

Ted wasn’t worried about his health when he started Atkins – he just wanted to lose some extra pounds he was carrying around. But he was glad to hear that his Atkins approach helped his health, too.

Renee’s Atkins Diet Testimonial

Finally, there is Renee, who put off using the Atkins Diet until she’d tried all the others:

“Grapefruit diet, starvation diets, liquid diets…I’d been on them all in the past. I hate to admit it, but I usually went on a crash diet a week or two before a big event just so I could look good for that ‘special weekend.’ The down side was that the weight always came back, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of starving the rest of my life to keep the weight off.

The Atkins Diet was about my tenth try, and the weight did come off quickly. But the cool part is the separate ‘maintenance phase.’ It’s so easy, and I don’t feel like I’m dieting at all – it’s more like just eating healthy. The foods I eat are great, and the weight never came back. Now I know I can stay thin from now on. No more crash diets for me – Atkins got me where I wanted to be, and now it’s keeping me there!”

After reading these three Atkins diet testimonials, isn’t it obvious that it’s a plan that can work for almost anyone?

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