Atkins Before and After: A New Way of Living

In the Atkins before and after photos and stories posted by successful dieters, there’s a common theme. It’s a theme of rejuvenation, and of new energy, a new zest that wasn’t there when poor diets and lack of exercise ruled their lives.

Their former high carbohydrate lifestyle made them hungry, depressed, and caused a number of diet-related health problems. For people on the plan who can boast of their own Atkins Diet success story, the results reflected in the posted Atkins before and after photos have been nothing short of life changing.

Be Amazed at How Fast Atkins Works

Atkins Before and After

Ever since Dr. Robert Atkins launched his revolutionary low carb, high-protein diet in 1972, the critics have been vocal in their opposition, but the results speak for themselves. A 2003 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that people who followed the Atkins plan lost twice as much weight over a six-month period as dieters doing a more traditional low-fat diet.

See Atkins Before and After Photos Posted at

One of the best ways to get motivated is to read the actual Success Stories of people who have been on this diet. The Atkins before and after pictures, as well as their personal details are found sprinkled throughout the books and on the official website for Atkins. These testimonials will give you some insight as to how they did it, and why they chose Dr. Atkins diet plan. There is such a variety of old and young, male and female, that you will easily find someone near your age that you can relate to, who has done the plan and is willing to share his or her thoughts of how they got started.

Before the Diet: What Caused the Gain?

Dr. Atkins argues that a high carbohydrate diet causes your body to produce more insulin, which drives down the blood sugar level. The brain then sends a signal that it must be time to refuel again. That is what a drop in blood sugar will do to you – make you think you are hungry, even if you’ve eaten an hour ago. With constant spike and drop in blood sugar, you eat more than your body needs, the excess food turns to fat as metabolism slows down, and you gain weight.

This seems to be the result of our immediate gratification lifestyle. Our culture’s consumption of high-density carbohydrate foods, i.e., processed foods, junk food, fast food, etc., anything that is not based on natural foods such as meat, dairy, grains, fruits, and vegetable, has led to most of us overeating. We eat more because we are hungry, and we are hungry because a high carb diet does not satiate the appetite properly unless we eat an enormous amount of calories.

After the Diet: A New Way of Eating

If long-term dieting isn’t in your plans, then make your goals short term, and get it done. In a few short weeks or months, you will have your own Atkins Diet success story. Don’t worry that you will fall back into old bad habits of eating junk. If you follow the Atkins plan properly, you will be turned off by the thought of eating the way you used to. If you’ve been addicted to pop, junk food, bread, pasta, cookies, and all the rest, your diet before and after Atkins will see a healthy 180-degree difference.

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