Best Sources for Comparing Atkins Diet Reviews

You are going to find lots of Atkins Diet reviews in books, magazines and on the Internet. It’s hard to decide which Atkins diet review is accurate and which one is simply spitting out what others have said based on conjecture or mis-information. The best way to determine if a diet review is accurate or not is to check the source and consider whether it is based on experience.

Consult Medical Websites

Your first source for reviews of the Atkins diet should be reliable medical or health websites and publications. Several sites like webMD and InteliHealth regularly review various diets, including updated information from research studies by major universities and hospitals. These sites are an excellent source of information based on statistics and objective data. These Atkins Diet medical reviews are a good starting point to decide if the program is physically and medically right for you.

Keep in mind when reading these reviews that many will focus on particular aspects of a diet. For instance, is it good for people with a heart condition or diabetes? Don’t rely on just one review; go to several sites and look for information based on all your concerns for a good overall picture.

Check Forums & Message Boards for Personal Reviews

The next step is deciding if the Dr. Atkins diet plan is right for you personally – in other words, if it will work for your lifestyle, habits and personality. Good information regarding this can be found at various diet support websites. These often have message boards with long strings of conversations between people who are actually on a particular diet. Look for message boards about the Atkins Diet and check out what others who are actually on the diet have to say. They will usually give honest, clear opinions about what is good and bad about the Atkins plan. You may come across concerns you hadn’t even thought of alongside solutions and feedback from other dieters who respond.

A few recent reviews that I have taken excerpts from in order to give you an overview of opinions on the Atkins diet and how to read a review accurately are below:

"It is wholly inappropriate to think of the Atkins Programme in terms of just one diet. The essence of the Atkins' system is to provide a series of dietary phases through which the majority will pass sequentially, as they successfully lose their excess weight. Additional diets are provided for people who cannot follow the majority route, such as those with a high metabolic resistance and those with food intolerances." –

Obviously, the review above is a good one to consider because it does several things. First, it clearly defines the goal of the program – not just a temporary weight loss, but a gradual change in eating. Second, it doesn’t make lavish, unsubstantiated claims such as guaranteeing you will lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Third, it outlines the relative flexibility of the program, which can be important to those with health issues.

"The Atkins Diet can help practically anyone lose up to twenty pounds in a month without ever feeling hungry. While some may criticize it for its fat content and reliance on protein to start ketosis, others swear by this enormously popular weight loss program." - Book Review, Pennsylvania 1999

This second Atkins diet review should carry very little weight compared to the earlier one. First, it touts the weight loss and practically promises high-end results without clearly outlining the purpose of the Atkins Diet Plan. Second, it makes reference to criticisms without actually addressing them either to confirm or deny them (who needs more confusion right in the middle of a review you’re hoping will clarify things for you?). Third, it doesn’t back up the “enormous popularity” with facts or figures. Who are these people who swear by it?

As you can tell, learning how to read and what to read when considering the Atkins Diet Plan is very important. After you’ve read the reviews, read the book by Dr. Atkins himself in order to make a sound decision on whether it is right for you or not. You may discover that you want to be a part of the Atkins Revolution!

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