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When I first started looking for my own copy of the Atkins diet, I was a bit overwhelmed. Of course the Atkins folks themselves had their original low carb diet version, but there were so many other web sites, authors, and low carb weight loss experts out there that offered a copy of the Atkins diet that was just slightly different enough for them to call it their own.

How was I supposed to decide which was best? Should I stick with the original or go for one of the other options that were low carb but not an exact copy of the Atkins diet? And how about a modified version of the Atkins diet?

I finally decided not to sweat it and just stick with the original Atkins diet program. Several of my friends, though, chose other low carb diet programs. Some had great success while others floundered and ended up with me on the original Atkins diet program.

Decide For Yourself

Copy of the Atkins Diet

Looking back, I noticed that one of the key differences between those of us who succeeded (regardless of which low carb diet we were on) and those of us who didn’t was the quality of the support materials that we had. I had plenty of Atkins diet info, an Atkins diet fact sheet, plenty of Atkins diet recipes, and a handy copy of the Atkins diet to carry right in my pocket.

My friends who didn’t have those things did not do so well, probably because they didn’t have enough information at their fingertips to help make good food choices at every opportunity.

Resources to Help You Along

I really like, where registered members can get a free profileand customized information about the Atkins diet. This site provides a weekly meal plan and easy to print shopping lists, all personalized to your own needs.

Other Stuff about the Atkins Diet Revolution

It might also help to know a bit more about this low carb diet. Understanding the basic philosophy behind the Atkins Diet Revolution really helped me to follow it with less confusion.

The easiest way to think about it is that right now your body is focused on burning carbohydrates, leaving all of that nasty fat just sitting there. The Atkins low carb diet forces your body to start burning fat by cutting way back on its access to carbs. Fewer carbs coming in means your metabolism shifts gears and starts burning fat instead.

When you think of it, the simple Atkins diet plan is actually easy to follow. Change the fuel you put into your body and your body changes the fuel that is uses to run. Once I started to think of eating in those terms, it was much easier to focus on choosing the right fuel to get my body burning up the excess fat.

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