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Thanks for visiting my website on the Atkins Diet plan.

I have constructed this site to make it as easy as possible to find the information you are looking for. The navigation buttons take you to the main pages of this site. From there, links branch off to several pages providing additional relevant information on the subject.

For example, when you go to “Atkins Diet Menu Plan” a link will take you to “Atkins Diet Sample Menu”.

The page “Dr. Atkins Diet Plan” takes you to “Atkins Diet Guidelines”.

The page on “Starting the Atkins Diet” branches off to “Atkins Induction Phase”.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for you can use this handy SiteSearch box.


1. Type in at least two words and Google will search for these terms by scanning the pages of this site.

2. Use specific terms such as "Atkins ongoing weight loss", "success rate Atkins diet" or "side effects Atkins diet".

3. You can search this site (check "") or you can search the web (check "Web") for additional information on Atkins or other low carb diet plans.

I plan to add more pages to this site on a monthly basis, so please come back often and 

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