Common Atkins Diet Criticism

You’ve probably heard some of the Atkins diet criticism that is floating around. Health experts, doctors, diet and nutrition specialists – they are all over the place when it comes to assessing Atkins diet risk. Some say it is dangerous, some say it is perfectly safe, and still others say it is a short term fix at best.

What’s the Problem?

I’m not a nutritionist, of course, but I know from personal experience that the Atkins diet works. No diet is without controversy, though, and the controversy on the Atkins diet has continued despite millions of people successfully using it to lose weight.

Some of the typical Atkins diet criticism includes:

  • Too high in fat
  • Not enough focus on exercise
  • Hard to follow long term
  • Unpleasant side effects
  • Doesn’t meet nutritional needs

Despite these criticisms and perceived risks, the Atkins diet continues to surge in popularity. Why? Most likely because it really works.

Is it Unhealthy for Your Heart?

The biggest Atkins diet criticism is that it is unhealthy for your heart. Critics say that the higher levels of protein and fat allowed in Atkins lead to a greater risk of heart disease. What hasn’t been closely studied, though, is how the benefits of losing excess weight might counter any risk of heart disease.

Atkins Diet Criticism - Exercise is good for you!

What about Exercise?

This Atkins diet criticism is simply off base. No healthy diet should ever overlook the importance of exercise, and Atkins is no exception. I think many critics focus on the food alone because it is so different from what other diets allow. Doing this, though, takes attention away from the overall recommendations that exercise be included as a regular part of a healthy lifestyle.

Long Term Low-Carb Living

Another common Atkins diet criticism is that low-carb eating is difficult to maintain over the long term. Personally, I don’t think it is any harder to follow a low-carb lifestyle than a low fat or low calorie lifestyle. Actually, I think it’s a lot easier because the food tastes so much better and you don’t have to go hungry.

The Atkins Turbo Diet/Eco-Atkins Scam

A Word about Side Effects

The Atkins diet side effects can be unpleasant, but they are not as common as critics claim and when they do occur, they tend to be short lived. Constipation and bad breath are mentioned most often as Atkins diet negative side effects, but drinking plenty of water can help with constipation and bad breath tends to go away once your body has passed through induction.

Nutrition and the Atkins Diet

Some Atkins diet criticism is directed towards the assumption that a high protein, low carb diet lacks some of the nutrients needed for overall health, especially calcium, magnesium and potassium. This Atkins diet risk is addressed in the overall diet program, though, through information about the importance of vitamin and mineral supplements for some people.

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