Linda’s Atkins Diet Success Story

Hi! I’m Linda, and I want to share with you my Atkins Diet success story. I want to tell you how thrilled I am with my results! Don’t just read the statistics and articles – my Atkins diet success story will convince you just how great this low carb program is.

I Failed on Four Other Diets!

I had tried at least four other diets before trying Atkins. I did the whole yo-yo dieting thing. I would starve myself, exercise until I was exhausted, feel miserable and then gain the weight right back a few months later. I was only 40 years old and my cholesterol was at 200 and I was forty pounds overweight. It made me feel tired and overwhelmed.

I first heard about the Atkins lifestyle from a friend who was an Atkins Diet success story herself. She’d lost almost thirty pounds (which was impressive enough) – but what really got to me was that she kept it off for over two years while I went through one fad diet after another. She told me about the Dr. Atkins diet plan, but I wasn’t too sure – it didn’t sound right to eat that much food and still lose weight. Finally, after some prodding, I tried it.

Atkins Diet Success Story

I Didn’t Get Hungry on Atkins!

What a surprise! During the Induction Phase I discovered that I could still eat out (I could order chicken or steak, and would substitute a side veggie for the potato, and focus on a nice salad instead of bread). It was great! And as I continued, I realized how filling and satisfying the meals were. I had fewer cravings and soon got rid of the bags of chips and candy bars I had stashed around my apartment. I didn’t really need them anymore because my meals were so satisfying on the Atkins diet plan.

Yeah! I Lost 8 Pounds!

I didn’t weight myself at all the first two weeks – I just stuck to the Induction plan and waited to see what would happen. Within the first week I could tell my jeans were getting looser! It was so great when I got on the scale at the end of two weeks and realized I’d lost eight pounds!

I Simply Adjusted my Eating Habits

The next great thing I learned about the Atkins diet was that you don’t have to stick with the Induction Phase forever – this diet is so much more freeing than most others. Over time, as you find what “low carb” means to your body and metabolism, you adjust your eating style and carbohydrate intake to a level that you can stick with for the rest of your life.

You Can Make it Too!

Did you know that the success rate of the Atkins Diet is 78%? That includes success by people who have been maintaining successful weight loss a year later! That’s one of the highest success rates for any type of diet there is.

It's a Way of Life

I know it’s been a success for me, which is saying a lot after four other failed attempts to get rid of all that extra weight I was dragging around. Not only am I thinner – I’m healthier. My cholesterol is now within the healthy range, I have more energy and I look great. I believe that getting myself onto the Atkins Diet menu plan started a journey for me – from unhealthy to healthy. Now I eat when I’m hungry, and I’m only hungry when I really need the nutrients. No more binge eating, no more cravings! It’s what makes Atkins a way of life for me and I guess I’m another Atkins diet success story!

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