Disadvantage of Atkins Diet vs. Advantages

While the greatest disadvantage of the Atkins diet is that you must go through carbohydrate withdrawal while on the 14-day induction diet, the positive outcome is that you will drop pounds quickly.

Despite these cravings, you should feel full and satisfied if you follow the Atkins plan and carefully restrict yourself to eating only those foods that are allowed. Food cravings are caused by low blood sugar as well as increased insulin levels that follow carbohydrate consumption. The advantage of the Atkins diet is that you will be eating fats and proteins that stabilize your blood sugar, thereby reducing carb and sugar cravings. This is the reason the diet is structured the way it is, and why protein should be eaten at every meal.

Apart from the carb cravings, there are few other possible disadvantages to the Atkins Diet, which might include:

Challenging induction phase. The two-week period where carbs are eliminated and ketosis sets in can be difficult for some people. In addition to cravings, dieters might experience lightheadedness, headaches, dizziness, and dehydration.

Bad breath. Ketosis causes this unfortunate side effect.

Constipation. Too much protein and not enough carbohydrates could result in a loss of fiber in the diet, which can cause constipation.

No caffeine? For people who love coffee this is sad disadvantage of the Atkins Diet, which recommends that you drink only decaf.

Even more restrictive than restrictive diets! You must not eat anything that isn’t on the Acceptable Foods list. That means no coffee, soft drinks, bread, fruits, pasta, starchy veggies, nuts, or dairy products other than butter, cheese, or creams. Vegans and vegetarians have special challenges while trying to follow the Atkins regime.

Health risks. A constant diet low in fiber foods and high in saturated fats may increase cholesterol levels, as well as raise your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Food allergies. People with allergic to eggs or other sources of protein will have to be especially careful with their food choices while following this diet.

Seize the Atkins Advantage

On the other hand, several advantages simply outweigh any temporary disadvantage of the Atkins Diet. You drop significant weight during the Induction Phase and the Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) Phase, which combined, lasts only a few weeks or months, depending on your needs. Additionally, the Atkins diet plan leads people to seek more information about how sugars and refined carbohydrates affect the production of insulin in the body, and why it causes an increase in fat storage. Whatever inspires people to address their intakes of junk foods, sugars, and carbohydrates, it is a start on the road to healthy living and eating. The Atkins Diet is an effective method for weight loss, and gaining this knowledge, as well as beating the carb and sugar cravings, are some of the great advantages which easily outweigh any disadvantages of the Atkins Diet.

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