Will an Atkins Diet Program Help You?

An Atkins Diet Program takes your dieting efforts one step beyond simply reading the book. If you are involved in an approved program based on Atkins, you will find additional resources, advice and even (in some cases) Atkins approved foods you can purchase.

If you are someone who is very disciplined, reading the most recent edition of Dr. Atkins’ book may be all you need. Most of us aren’t that disciplined, and enrolling in a good support program for Atkins Dieters

can make all the difference between success and failure.

Finding the right program is essential, so think about what you want out of an Atkins Diet program, and then shop around.

Question to Ask Yourself

  • Do I just need the basics, like a quick reference to the acceptable foods lists and a few pointers on carb counting?

  • Do I want extras like access to lots of recipes and dieting or motivational tips?

  • Would I read and use a newsletter if I were subscribed to it?

  • Do I want something like a web-based support program that I can log into whenever it is convenient, or do I need to meet people face-to-face regularly? If you want to find people to meet with, check with your local library or hospital about programs in your area. If there isn’t one, consider starting one yourself. You’re sure to find others in your area who are on the Atkins Diet program, and it can be a great motivator to be able to talk to others on the program.

  • If I’m using a website, what do I want out of it? Things to look for include:

    • Newsletters
    • Chat forums where you can talk to other dieters
    • FAQ’s that may have valuable information
    • Recipe exchanges
    • Motivational tools such as contests, a place to track your progress, and before and after photos of members
    • Helpful links
    • Exercise and nutritional supplement information
    • Updates on any new research studies about the Atkins Diet

Volunteer Programs

There are two basic types of online Atkins Diet Programs. Volunteer programs are run and moderated by people who are on the Atkins Diet and want to help others. Many of these are excellent sources of support because they tend to have very active memberships and lots of forums covering a multitude of issues. The most popular feature on these are usually the chat area and the forums. Many also have a list of suggested links that users have recommended. I like these sites because they give me real world advice from people who have “been there and done that.”

Get Expert Online Support

You can also find Atkins Diet Programs that require an enrollment with some kind of fee. Some are through companies such as eDiets.com; others are actually run by Atkins International. With diet websites such as ediets, you can join and actually have a version of the Atkins Diet weight loss program designed around your specific needs, including receiving weekly meal plans. Nutritionists and physicians are on staff at these sites, which is why you have to pay a fee (to cover the cost of their services). These sites generally aren’t as interactive, though. You usually get updates daily or weekly that are tailored to you, but there isn’t much opportunity to talk to other members.

Visit the Official Atkins Website

Finally, the Atkins website itself is a good way to find out lots of official information on the Atkins Diet Program. This site has lots of excellent articles and a free newsletter. It’s also a good place to order Atkins nutritional supplements and pre-packages foods and snack bars to help you stay on track when you don’t have time to cook. Perhaps the best feature is the selection of online nutritional courses you can sign up for. These help you understand the Dr. Atkins Program in much more depth so that you can integrate it smoothly into your daily living.

Be sure to find the Atkins Diet Program that works for you, whether web-based, in person, or as part of a membership. The more information and support you have, the more successful you will be.

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