Top 5 Atkins Diet Tools for Successful Weight Loss

There are numerous Atkins diet tools on the market to help individuals on this popular, low-carb diet plan stay on track. Choosing the best tools for you is a matter of which tools help you the most and which ones aren't worth the investment. It can be confusing, so we've put together a list of our favorites to get you started. With the following tools, sticking with the Atkins diet will be easier and more enjoyable.

The latest edition of the Atkins Diet books. There are many different editions of the classic diet book by Dr. Robert Atkins, including "The New Diet Revolution." Do your homework and choose the most recent edition that was written by Dr. Atkins or a recognized Atkins diet expert.

Reading a complete Atkins diet book will help you understand the basic concepts of the Atkins approach. If you truly understand the "why" behind the low carb diet plan, you'll be more likely to stick with it, so be willing to spend the money for one of these essential Atkins diet tools. You can also pick up some valuable tips on everything from how to stock your refrigerator to ways to short-circuit food cravings.

A Carb Counter. There are several excellent carb counters available online, including the one used at the official Atkins diet website. All of them work on the same basic premise - you simply plug in the nutritional information from any food label, and it will help you calculate the net carbs for that food. Net carbs are what counts on the Atkins diet, and a carb counter will help you find those troublesome hidden carbs that are often lurking in deli meats, sausage, light foods, and low fat dairy products.

Atkins Food Products. The Atkins Company makes a variety of delicious snack products, crisp bars, shakes and meal substitutes. Many people are surprised by how delicious and filling these are because they're used to the bland, chalky diet bars and shakes from other companies. Atkins diet foods, however, are high on taste while low in carbs. They are a great way to eat on the run or have a snack without jeopardizing your weight loss and are one of the easiest Atkins diet tools to use because the carb counting is done for you.

Atkins Cookbook. It can be difficult to stick to any diet if you have to eat the same boring foods all the time. Fortunately, there are dozens of excellent Atkins diet cookbooks that contain excellent recipes for interesting and flavorful main courses, sides and desserts. You'll be amazed by how easy it is to prepare meals your whole family will love with one of these excellent cookbooks, and they don't even have to know they are eating low carb meals.

Look for Atkins cookbooks that clearly tell you how many carbs are in each serving of the recipes and provide a shopping list of acceptable foods for each recipe in order to save yourself time and money at the grocery store.

Multivitamin Supplements. While the Atkins diet is a healthy way to lose weight, no diet can guarantee you're getting all the nutrients you need, particularly while your body is adjusting to your new eating lifestyle. Multivitamin supplements are one of the Atkins diet tools that are most frequently neglected.

If you want to maintain your best energy level and make sure your body is getting the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, look for a supplement that contains vitamins A, C, D, E and K as well as the B-complex vitamins. You should also take calcium, magnesium, potassium and chromium. Check out the official Atkins website, where you'll find excellent supplements that contain everything you need, or order a good supplement online from a reputable supplement store.

If you use the five Atkins diet tools outlined above, you will be able to successfully stick with the Atkins plan even after the diet phase of the program ends, ensuring that you'll continue to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

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