Atkins Diet Bulletin Boards Offer Support and Help You Stay Focused

If you’re on the Atkins program, Atkins Diet bulletin boards and forums can be a huge help. When I first started on the Atkins diet, I was all fired up at first. During the Induction Phase I lost quite a bit and it was easy to stay motivated. When I went into the Weight Loss Phase, things slowed down a bit. This is normal, but it discouraged me. That’s when I discovered how helpful Atkins diet bulletin boards can be.

I was searching the Internet for information on staying focused and not “falling off the low carb wagon” when I found several Atkins diet bulletin boards hosted by people on the program. It was great! These people were using the Atkins Diet plan and were helping each other out through these websites.

I read several recent posts and noticed that there were a lot of questions and answers flying back and forth. I kept reading and came across a few questions that I had myself. Usually when someone asked a question, several people had responded with their own experiences and suggestions. For me, this was a goldmine of information that helped me re-focus my efforts.

What Can You Use Atkins Diet Bulletin Boards For?

  • Finding an online “Atkins buddy” to support you in your weight loss efforts.
  • Getting answers to tough questions that you may not have found elsewhere.
  • Reading inspirational success stories of others who have used Atkins to lose weight.
  • Exchanging recipes and suggestions for restaurant options, etc.
  • Getting tips on staying focused, finding your “ideal weight,” and other interesting information.

There are a variety of bulletin boards and low carb forums on the Web, so do some searching to find one that works for you. Some are sponsored by companies that either sell Atkins products or offer programs you can sign up to use for a fee. These often have exceptional resources, including the most recent research findings and discounts on products once you join. It’s up to you whether you feel these are worth the cost. Other Atkins diet bulletin boards and forums are free of charge and are usually run by volunteers. I’ve found that these have the most active memberships in chat rooms and on postings. The discussions are often quite lively and can really help you out if you hit a plateau and need a bit of moral support.

Best Atkins Diet Bulletin Board

One of the best free Atkins diet bulletin boards out there is one that is only a few years old, but has outstanding features – The Atkins Diet Bulletin Board. It’s moderated by successful Atkins dieters and the chat and strings are filled with information like, “Forty Tips for Atkins Success.” It even has a “boot camp” for people just starting the Induction Phase. Users can register and sign in daily to report their progress and get support through the Induction Phase.

I like this site because the people are so helpful, the members are so active and the tips are really valuable. Some members post photos of their progress through the Atkins program, which is really a great motivator for me.

The site offers chat, postings, recipes, a page of excellent Atkins links, and a newsletter. I visit this forum several times a week and feel like I know the people personally – watching their progress helps me with mine.

Other Helpful Sites

Two other websites that have helpful Atkins diet bulletins boards are the Atkins Diet Message Board and the Low Carb Forum. Both of these forums have active memberships and a variety of resources, articles and links about Atkins and the low carb lifestyle.

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