Important Atkins Diet Info for Everyone

Getting accurate Atkins Diet info is essential to making a decision about whether the Atkins Plan is right for you. Any time you begin a weight loss program you should first understand how it works and how to use it properly. This is especially important with Atkins because the way it works is so different from traditional diets.

There are lots of books and websites that contain Dr. Atkins’ diet info, including his own series of books on the subject. I suggest reading his most recent book, “The New Diet Revolution,” cover to cover to get a thorough understanding of the why, when and how you need to know. There are also numerous websites that can provide additional Atkins diet info and give you valuable advice.

I used some of the websites myself because they helped me stay focused on my weight loss goals. They also gave me ways to stay motivated and stop myself from cheating. I enjoy the newsletters and the chat communities when I check in each evening for a few minutes.

Atkind Diet Info - The Atkins Food Guide Pyramid

What’s the Atkins Diet all about?

To get you started, though, I’ll outline the basics of what the Atkins Diet is. The basic premise of Dr. Atkins diet plan is that most of us aren’t eating the right foods in the right amounts. If we can retrain ourselves to eat more proteins and fats and cut out most carbohydrates from our diet, we will naturally and easily lose weight. Atkins is essentially a re-organization of the food pyramid, with proteins like lean meats, seafood and nuts as the main element of our diets. It also emphasizes lots of fresh vegetables (those with low starch) and greens and a healthy amount of fat such as cream and cheeses.

The Atkins Diet is completely different from the traditional “less calories means weight loss” approach. In fact, you don’t pay any attention to calories on Atkins! This was one of the things that appealed to me most about Atkins. I just didn’t have time to constantly try to figure out how many calories were in everything I ate.

Atkins Diet Info - Original Food Guide Pyramid

How does it Work?

The Atkins diet menu plan is based on resetting your metabolism and the way your body converts foods into fuel and energy. Carbohydrates are the simplest, most pure form of fuel you can eat. Unfortunately, because it is so easy to burn and use, it is the first thing your body relies on, so you don’t burn your own fat reserves. Carbs also convert to fat for storage in your body if they aren’t used up right away.

But when you are eating the Atkins way, there aren’t enough carbs for fuel, so your body turns into a “fat burning machine,” using all of that extra stored body fat as fuel. In addition, the process of converting fat to fuel (called ketosis) is more complicated and requires more energy. You’ll need to burn more calories to produce the fuel you need to keep you going! It’s a kind of “double whammy” approach to dieting.

Why Should I Go on the Atkins Diet?

The why (as in “why should I choose the Atkins Diet?”) is simple – there is a lot of Atkins Diet info now available that proves that the Atkins approach is not only reliable for significant for weight loss, but is also good for you.

When Will You Start?

If you follow the plan outlined in this Atkins Diet info you’ll soon find out that you have extra energy because your blood sugar and insulin levels have stabilized. You’ll also be pleased to find out that your cholesterol levels go down and your blood pressure drops. With so many good points going for it, the only question left is, “When are you going to start?”

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