Handy Printable Version of the Atkins Diet Food Pyramid

A printable version of the Atkins Diet Food Pyramid can really help you in your quest to lose weight on Dr. Atkins’ great diet program. I’ve provided a copy of this printable version of the Atkins diet food pyramid below that you can print out and use to keep you on track by reminding you of the amounts and kinds of foods you should be eating on the Dr. Atkins diet plan.

Protein-Rich Foods

The most obvious change from the old USDA food pyramid is what is at the base of the Atkins food pyramid – protein-rich foods such as poultry, fish, beef, eggs and tofu. These are the underpinnings to your diet, and you can eat them in generous portions to satisfy your hunger.

Vegetables & Fruits

The next level on the Atkins diet food pyramid is the vegetable group. Notice that this group isn’t lumped in with “fruits and vegetables.” That’s because vegetables have plenty of nutritional value with (in most cases) far fewer carbs than fruits. You can eat lots of different vegetables and salad greens. Fruits, on the other hand, are on the next level above veggies, showing that you can eat them, but it should be in more moderation.

Vegetable & Seed Oils, Dairy Products, Nuts & Legumes

Then there are vegetable oils, nuts, legumes and dairy products such as cheeses. These are treated as an independent group because small amounts of fats and oils are important to a healthy body, including the heart and immune system.


The smallest food group, at the very top of the pyramid, is the grains. The Atkins diet stresses using whole grains such as oats, barley and brown rice. It doesn’t mean loading up with refined, white flour products. In fact, if you look closely at the Atkins diet food pyramid you will notice that none of the foods shown are processed or pre-packaged foods. It stresses the healthful advantages of fresh foods – not processed ones.

Another huge difference between the traditional food pyramid and the Atkins food pyramid is that the Atkins version is flexible. It shows how you can add more of certain foods as you progress through the four stages of the Atkins Diet menu plan. The old food pyramid is nearly an inverse of the Atkins one, and it isn’t nearly as flexible, so be sure you keep this printable version of the Atkins diet food pyramid as your guide to healthy eating and successful weight loss.

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