How to Get Your Free Atkins Diet Meal Plan

A free Atkins Diet meal plan can help you in your quest to lose weight. As with any diet, a comprehensive meal plan can make it easier for you to eat properly and stay within the boundaries of what you should and shouldn’t eat. With many diets, you are told what to eat and not eat, but complete meal plans are lacking, leading to discouragement or boredom while you are dieting.

The Atkins Diet, if you use Dr. Atkins’ book, “The New Diet Revolution,” or visit the numerous Atkins websites, provides literally thousands of free recipes and outlines of meal plans in order to make it easier for you to diet and be satisfied at the same time. Boredom is the enemy of any diet, and I can tell you that it’s why I avoided things like a “grapefruit diet,” or liquid starvation diets. Hey, I like my food!

Free Recipes and Meal Plans for Every Stage

When I started on the Atkins diet menu plan, I was impressed by how Dr. Atkins outlined meal plans for every stage, from Induction to Maintenance. He had lots of free recipes for me to try, and suggested variations to keep things interesting. He started off his meal plans by first providing a detailed shopping list of things I should stock up on to make creating tasty, nutritious meals simple. I was impressed with his suggestion that flavored broths, spices and natural juices like lemon and lime could add lots of taste with little or no carbs.

Get Atkins Diet Meals Delivered to Your Door

Of course, if you are like me, I’m always on the run, so there are plenty of times you can’t whip up a great meal even when you are not dieting. That’s why I was excited when I found out that there’s a meal plan out there that will actually deliver Atkins Diet Meals to your home.

The great thing about this is that you can get three gourmet meals and a snack for every day sent right to your front door. You can order two weeks worth of meals to get started. Every meal is made by gourmet chefs from fresh ingredients. They taste wonderful – like eating in a fancy restaurant, not sticking to a diet!

Although it is a bit more than the cost if you would purchase all the ingredients yourself, it is well worth every penny. Why? Because you don’t have to go shopping, there is no preparation, no cooking, no planning and no clean-up! Also, you are not going to make any mistakes – the carbs are pre-counted for you; all you have to do is eat! There are so many different meals, and you just have to reach into your fridge and pull out what looks good that day. So easy!

Where to Order

You can order your Atkins Meal plan from Pure Foods Low Carb (formerly Atkins At Home). They not only ship the food; they include recipes, tips on portion sizes and preparing meals at home and lots of other extras. Once you lose the weight you need to, you can sign up for their 5-day a week Maintenance program. This way you have a few days to cook on your own each week until you are really comfortable with being on the Maintenance Program “solo.” It won’t take you long because of all the great advice you get along with the great food.

So if you are on the Atkins Diet, you can certainly find great meal plans for free in Dr. Atkins’ books, other low carb recipe books and on the web. Or you can have your meals delivered to you for a while so that you can enjoy gourmet foods and learn while enjoying all those great meals!

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