Preparing for Atkins Diet Week 1

The Atkins Diet week 1 can be a “make or break” time for you on your journey to lose weight. First, congratulations on deciding to start the Atkins Diet – you’ll be amazed at how quickly you lose weight and begin to feel more energetic and alive.

My name is Kevin, and I tried the Atkins Diet twice – the second time I was successful. Today I’m right at the weight I want to be, my cholesterol and blood pressure are perfect for a man my age, and I feel ten years younger. But why did I have to try twice before it worked? Because the first time I tried it, I simply wasn’t prepared for week 1 of the Atkins Diet.

1st Week on the Atkins Diet is Crucial to Your Success

Atkins Diet Week 1

The first week is crucial to your success with Atkins, and you need to follow it very closely. My first time, I had jumped right in and started doing what I thought was the Atkins Diet without really understanding the whole concept of the Atkins Program. So I gorged myself on meats, cheeses and fats until I was stuffed every chance I got. I also cheated a few times - after all, what’s just a bit of cake going to hurt, right? Wrong!

Because I didn’t prepare by reading up on the theories behind Atkins, I didn’t understand what was going on with my body. I encourage you to read “The New Diet Revolution” and to visit Atkins websites. Understanding why the first week is so crucial and what you really can and can’t do will be key to your success. If you get through Atkins Diet week 1, your body’s metabolism will be reset, your blood sugar levels will have stabilized and you will be over any cravings for caffeine or carbohydrates. I bet you didn’t know it was about so much more than just losing weight, did you?

My Suggestions for Atkins Diet Week 1:

Coffeine - If you can, give up caffeine a few weeks before beginning the diet. This will make it easier for you to give up other things, since that caffeine addiction will already be out of the way.

Sweets - If you have a particular sweet you eat absolutely every day, start giving it up early, too. For me, it was Snickers bars. I ate one every afternoon on my break. I knew quitting cold turkey would be hard, so I went to every other day, then cut back to once a week. By the time I started Atkins Diet week 1, Snickers bars were no longer an issue!

How Much Food Should I Eat? - Understand the difference between “stuffed” and “full.” You are full when you feel satisfied and are no longer hungry. It doesn’t mean you need to loosen your belt because you shoveled in one last groan-inducing mouthful.

Eat Lean Meat, Poultry & Fish - Think “lean” when you eat protein. Poultry and fish should become your friends. Beef is fine, but it shouldn’t be eaten at every meal.

Vegetables You Can Eat - Become familiar with all of the vegetables on the accepted foods list ahead of time and try several of them. This way you’ll already know what you do and don’t like, and will have more variety available to stave off boredom.

Cheating - Cheating is an absolute no-no! It isn’t about calories, so you can’t justify “just a small piece of cake.” Even a small piece of cake during the first week will delay your body’s conversion to ketosis, the natural body-fat burning process you are trying to kick-start.

Water - Water is very important – start drinking eight glasses a day. If this sounds like a lot, do like I did and start adding one glass a day for a week. It really helps!

Exercise - Remember that the first week is meant to reset your metabolism. Help this process by becoming more active. I don’t mean taking up rock-climbing; just take the stairs instead of the elevator, and take a walk in the evenings. During the crucial stage of Atkins Diet week 1, every little bit helps.

It Gets Easier After Week 1 - Remember that the first few weeks are just the beginning, and that it gets easier as you go along. You’ll add more foods and carbs after you’ve gotten past those first few weeks. This definitely made it easier for me to stay on track.

Finally, remember that there are plenty of reasons why you decided to do the Atkins Diet. Any time you find yourself wanting to cheat during Atkins Diet week 1, just remember your ultimate goals.

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