One Woman’s Atkins Diet Results

Hi, my name is Rita and I want to tell you about my Atkins Diet results. I admit that I was pretty skeptical when I first started reading about the Atkins Diet, but now I’m a true believer!

I was Desperate to Get Results

I had heard about other people’s success stories and their results with the Atkins diet. Reading the book by Dr. Atkins was the first step I took. It wasn’t the first diet I’d tried; I had been on low-calorie and low-fat diets, diets that made me eat grapefruit every day and a lot of weird diets that were almost impossible to stick to. I picked up the Atkins book out of desperation – I was tired of being hungry all the time, then gaining back all the weight I lost when I was done dieting.

Atkins Diet Results

The book was real eye-opener. It explained in detail exactly how and why the Atkins diet results in success. But I still wasn’t convinced. After all, how could you not count calories and eat until you were full every day and still shed pounds?

A friend of mine convinced me to try it – her boss had achieved impressive results. He had lost forty pounds on the Atkins diet plan, and she said he always ate great meals, even when the whole group went to a restaurant. We agreed to try it together and decide for ourselves.

I Had a Complete Physical Check-Up

First I had a complete physical (always a good idea before you start trying to lose weight). I was shocked – not only was I thirty pounds overweight, my cholesterol was high and I had high blood pressure. My doctor told me I was on the way to a heart attack if I didn’t adjust the way I was living. What a wake-up call!

We Stocked Up on the Right Foods

The next day my friend (Patty) and I went to the grocery store and stocked up on all of the foods that were on the Atkins Induction diet food list. After stocking the refrigerator and pantry, we made a pact to call each other if we started to get cravings while we started out.

I knew my biggest obstacle in achieving results with the Atkins diet would be carbohydrates – I just love pasta and breads. My comfort food was macaroni and cheese, and I could down a ton of it at one sitting. Patty, however, loved sweets – ice cream, cookies, pies, you name it.

We Supported Each Other

We read up on the Induction Phase and learned that the first few days were the hardest, so we cooked meals together and kept busy. Sure enough, I found myself missing those starchy treats, but Patty kept me on track.

The amazing thing was what happened after the fourth day – those cravings stopped! I realized by the end of the week that when I felt hungry I was automatically reaching for a treat like a few slices of cheese and some lean meat or a hard-boiled egg – and really enjoying it. I wasn’t missing anything by eating low carb!

We Were Full of Energy Again!

Patty noticed the energy increase first. She used to get tired and run down around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon at the office, and would always head toward the vending machine. A candy bar always gave her a boost of energy to get through the end of the work day, but she crashed when she got home. Once we had been on the Atkins diet about a week, Patty noticed she didn’t have that sluggish feeling in the afternoons. We were both pretty excited about these results!

Impressive Atkins Diet Results

We didn’t weight ourselves until the end of the Induction Phase, but when we did we were impressed. I had lost eight pounds and Patty had lost 6.5 pounds. Not to shabby, since we’d never once felt hungry.

Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels Returned to Normal

Now it’s been six months and our Atkins Diet results have been phenomenal. I checked in with my doctor and he was impressed. I’ve lost twenty-five pounds and I’m still losing weight steadily. My blood pressure is now 125/80 (within the normal range) and I’ve lowered my bad cholesterol 6 points while my good cholesterol went up 10 points.

I can’t say enough about how much Patty and I have enjoyed the Atkins program. We’ve lost those unhealthy cravings, gained a ton of energy and lost weight that we’re both sure we can keep off now! If you’re asking about Atkins diet results, I can tell you it worked for me and I’ve never felt better!

Rita S., Chicago, IL

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