The Atkins Diet and Diarrhea Aren't Common

You don't hear about the Atkins diet and diarrhea very often. In most cases, if your intestinal tract has some problems getting used to the Atkins approach to weight loss, the result will be a few days of constipation. If you do develop diarrhea, it will most likely be within the first few days of the Induction phase. If you usually eat a lot of highly processed foods or products that contain a lot of carbohydrates and refined flour, the beginnings of Ketosis can cause diarrhea as your body flushes out those excess carbohydrates.

Hidden Dangers in Sugar Free Treats

You run the risk of developing diarrhea if you turn to sugar free snacks that are sweetened with glycerine, maltitol or sorbital. These are actually sugar alcohols and do trigger problems in some people who are sensitive to them. Low carb desserts that use artificial sweeteners can also lead to diarrhea. These low sugar, low carb sweets contain maltodextrin, a bulking agent that is added to products so that the consistency remains the same when using artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. Try cutting out any foods with artificial sweeteners; your diarrhea should clear up in a day or two.

Fiber, the Atkins Diet and Diarrhea

Many people don't realize that natural products such as psyllium husks and ground flax seeds that are often taken for constipation can also relieve diarrhea. These products "balance" your digestive tract so that there isn't too much liquid or too much bulk, so they work either way. Drinking lots of water can also help balance your system and prevent dehydration, which can be a concern with the Atkins diet.

Adding probiotics to your daily routine can also help. These helpful bacteria are naturally found in the digestive tract. Supplementing your diet with probiotics will provide your system with more of the good bacteria it needs to digest and absorb food nutrients properly. During the Induction phase, try taking a supplement that contains probiotics. As you add dairy back into your diet, you'll discover that you are digesting foods more easily and aren't suffering from the temporary link between the Atkins diet and diarrhea anymore.

Don't worry too much if you have mild diarrhea in the first few days of the Atkins diet. This adjustment phase will usually pass by mid-week, and you'll find that after you've been on Atkins for several weeks that your digestive tract feels better than ever. When you've been on the plan for a few weeks, you'll discover that the Atkins diet and diarrhea aren't linked at all and that you're experiencing less bloating, gas, and other digestive problems as your health naturally improves.

Are There Any Atkins Diet Health Risks?

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